We are a Miami-based personal chef and private chef service. At Basil Personal Chef, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, and we guarantee we can provide private clients with the highest caliber chefs.


If you are looking to hire a private chef in Miami or abroad, you have come to the right place. At Basil Personal Chef we scout, screen, select and train our chefs to cater for your specific needs, palette and preferences. At Basil Personal Chef, you are not just getting a chef but a fine dining cuisine expert, a personal chef who listens to your demands, and understands your dietary requirements to create the perfect menu for any dining experience. 


The service we provide is truly bespoke and unique for each client. We select our chefs from a pool of the finest private chefs in Miami, capable of handling any cuisine or style. There is not a culinary challenge we have failed to meet yet!

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