Eating well has a powerful effect on how we feel both physically and emotionally. Often we don’t have the experience to nourish ourselves the way we would like and default to unhealthy and often expensive dining out.


We have the answer! Basil Personal Chef cooking classes are an exciting and delicious way to either begin your journey in the kitchen or to refine and inspire experience that you already have. These classes also include education about ingredients and health tips that can inform you on how to make better decisions when you are out in the world.

We offer one-time customized individual cooking classes or cooking parties designed to cater to your specific needs and palate. No matter which one is right for you, we will teach you how to add more high-quality nutrients to your meals, implement inspired and lasting changes to your diet, and make plants the best thing on your plate. We promise that you’ll want to make healthy choices more often, and love eating more plants, one bite at a time!


  • Hands-on classes held in your kitchen to give you the opportunity to learn in the environment that you will cook in the most.

  • We do the shopping, bringing the ingredients and the recipes with us.

  • Participants will learn various cooking methods as well as options and ideas about how to use the same recipe in multiple ways, exchanging veggies and spices for a whole new take on the same technique.

  • Choose from over 70 recipes to create your custom class.

  • Plant-based, paleo, gluten-free & dairy-free options.

  • Learn 4 recipes in a 2-3 hour timeframe.​

  • You enjoy the meal while we clean OR save the food to eat during the week.


Get your family and friends together and schedule you cooking class now.

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