Do you want to show your own creativity, skills and work in a different scene? With Basil Personal Chef you can take a new pathway for your culinary career. We offer nationwide job opportunities to self-motivated, experienced, and talented individuals who possess the professional experience and maturity required for the high demands in the culinary industry.




As a kitchen assistant, your job is to ensure that the kitchen is clean and operational. Occasionally, you may also be involved in preparing ingredients. 
Miami, FL

As a server, your job is to ensure that patrons have an enjoyable dining experience by providing high-quality customer service. Servers work at the front end of the event serving food and drinks.


Miami. FL

As a private chef, your job is to prepare meals in the client's home. You will customize a meal plan according to the client's dietary needs and preferences, shop for the items, prepare the meal, and clean up your workspace when done. 


Miami, FL

As a bartender, your job is to prepare alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Depending on the event, you will be located at an exclusive bar area, or behind the scenes.


Miami, FL

As a sous chef, your job is to assist the head chef and take his/her place when the latter cannot be present in the kitchen. You are directly subordinated to the head chef and you have charge over all the members of the kitchen staff. 

Miami, FL

As a cleaner/dishwasher, your job is to clean dishes, kitchen, food preparation equipment, and utensils. You will also be responsible for helping the team clean up the space after an event.

Miami, FL

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